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The first step to improved security is to have a good quality lock.  Exterior doors should have at least a grade 2 commercial duty deadbolt.  A good lock is only part of the equation.  The strike plate on the door jamb needs to have screws long enough that they penetrate into the building framing.

For maximum protection against forced entry, picking, and drilling we are a dealer for ASSA High Security    locks.

Do you know how many people have a copy of your key?  Key control or the risk of unauthorized duplication is just as important as physical security.  The only way to completely control unauthorized duplication is to invest in a restricted keyway that only an authorized dealer has access to and will only make more duplicates with your authorization.  We are an authorized dealer for ASSA High Security Locks   , Schlage Primus  , and MX   .

We also install custom made full-length astragals and interlocks, window bars and for certain security applications we also install Lexan.

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